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Come and make that special piece for yourself or a loved one, or come together as a group to celebrate that special time or event.

I am very willing to pass on my skills to anyone interested, in either  a one day 6 hour format (Price: £120) or 4 weekly 2 hour slots (Price: £150). With limited bench space not more than three students can be accomodated at one session. The choice of tuition at the moment is:

Forming and polishing cabachons or any other shape from gemstone material, either selected from my stock or your own material.


Producing a finished piece of jewellery, by preparing a silver or gold mount, selecting and fitting a gemstone of your choice, and all the necessary processes to allow you to walk away with a finished piece.




Caveats and warnings;

There are no facilities for cutting facetted stones.

The workshop has been described as dusty and well worn so be prepared for mucky hands.

Using grinding wheels with a water feed can seriously damage manicured nails.



Please contact me directly re any of the above.