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For more than 4 decades I have been shaping and polishing natural gemstones into cabochons and bespoke designs. As a result I have a large catalogue of rings, earings, pendants and bracelets. More recent designs include inlaid wedding rings and friendship rings, links and charms, and unusual oval earplugs.

In my lapidary work, I use a broad span of natural stone, including Turquoise, Whitby jet, Mother of Pearl, Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Blue John, Tiger Eye, Black Onyx, Amber, Jade and many others.

This site shows only a small selection of  work, there are many  designs and lots of natural stone to call on. 

Tuition courses for individuals and small groups will be available in the near future if you are interested in learning or improving your skills.

If you're searching for a quality hand made piece, or have your own design, please feel free to contact me. 

Advice and experience are freely shared. 

 Prices from £15 to £1000

A video of me at work, shot at the workshop.